easter week bible study!!

 Y'all! Easter Week is in like t minus um... Sunday! Which is soooo crazy. I cannot believe how much Easter has just crept up on me, especially with all the distractions lately. I think it would be sooo beneficial to turn our hearts and thoughts to Christ (and yah duh it always is) but esp amidst these troubling times!

And we can do that as we focus on Holy Week! I really wanted to treat Easter like I treat Christmas (which I'm seriously crazy about) and one of the ways I thought of coming closer to it was by studying the final events of the Savior's life.

I wanted to make a supercute and easy to use, simple study guide so here it is -- and of course it's free. πŸ’•πŸ’• Here's a simple breakdown of what's in it and why it's great.

I wanted this to be something to help Easter come alive for you. That's why I included TONS of resources for each day -- and no it's not a superlong boring reading laundry list!! In addition to the lovely words of the Four Gospels (or other church peeps)πŸ˜‰ I've rounded up paintings to look at, videos to watch (which I think are the most powerful) and uplifting music relating to the day. There's also space to record your thoughts and impressions, along with questions helping you tie Holy Week back to your life. 

Instead of obsessing over numbers (?!?) which are, dumb, by the way, why not obsess about Jesus this week? This is your opportunity to escape the constant negative news cycles and dive into God's word. 

Get your copy of the freebie here, and if you have thirty seconds could you please give me a follow on Pinterest and/or Insta? The blog is just getting started on social and everyone's help counts. Wishing all y'all the most amazing Easter!! Hugs!

{here are some extra pix of what each day entails}

This is simple! Not another to-do. Use as little or as many of the resources as you want!

**post-script + disclaimer**

and now this is where I tell people not to leave angry comments!! I'm not a biblical scholar. I'm a teenage girl, y'all, + my ultimate goal with this is to provide a beautifully designed free resource that anyone can use to study God's word leading up to Easter, bringing them closer to Christ. 

If you want the hardcore crazy deep archaeology esoteric stuff... this is not the place to find it!!
But if you want a simple + meaningful way to read the Bible during the Holy Week, I made this for you.

I give each day a name -- and yes, I get that not every day has an official name. I split up verses from the four gospels for you to read each day -- and yes, I know that we don't have the exact "dates" of some of the events that happened. But we do know that they were before Christ's death, so I split them up through the week to make it doable for y'all to study. Etc. 😊

✝✝ --> For my nonmember, Christian friends reading this, yes, this is made supporting the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We love the Bible as well, and we do celebrate Easter. If you disagree with or are uncomfortable with the "Latter-Day Saintness" of this, there are plenty of other bible study guides from other Christians you can go for and use instead. No hate speech needed! πŸ˜‰

To sum it up, I'm not perfect, and I'm always happy to receive constructive criticism. Just keep in mind what I said above, who made this and their intent. πŸ’•

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