valentine's day lds treat tag + idea

This turned out sooo cute and I hope y'all enjoy using it to celebrate Valentine's Day! I am .so. excited to share this free printable with y'all which literally correlates with the reading for the week of Valentine's Day! soooo perfect! aaah!

Because of this, and the fact that pretty much everyone does Come, Follow Me BOM, pretty much everyone could use and have fun with this. All you need to do is pair with a box or bag of candy hearts or chocolate hearts. 

I made it a 5 x 7 printable so you can give your youth or ( Oh Primary that's what I was looking for πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) Sunday School class peeps, young women, activity day girls, RS sisters, or kids this treat in whatever format you choose. It doesn't go with any specific candy heart box brand. ;)

You can grab yourself this free printable for valentine's day here. Pls remember that if you are sharing with others, link to this blog post page, don't copy this or modify it, sell it, etc.

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