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january 27 - february 2 -- 1 nephi 16 - 22 -- I will prepare the way before you

Another week of Come Follow Me! So fun. This week we have this beautiful verse.
The first part is God as our light. As we learned earlier, God is love and God is light, and we see this play out in the way He inspires, leads, and guides His children through the gift of the Spirit.
The second part is that He provides a way. As David Archuleta sings in this 2020 theme song, He eases our burdens and He always provides a way.
As Michelle D. Craig said, “Nephi, the brother of Jared, and even Moses all had a large body of water to cross—and each did it differently. Nephi worked “timbers of curious workmanship.” The brother of Jared built barges that were “tight like unto a dish.” And Moses “walked upon dry land in the midst of the sea.”
They each received personalized direction, tailored to them, and each trusted and acted. The Lord is mindful of those who obey and, in the words of Nephi, will “prepare a way for [us to] accomplish the thing which he commandeth.” Note that Nephi says, “a way”—not “the way.”
Do we miss or dismiss personal errands from the Lord because He has prepared “a way” different from the one we expect?”
The final part of this is that we will be led to the promised land. I think this represents seeing the promises and prophecies of God be fulfilled. As it was recently Christmastime, in sacrament meeting, a talk discussed prophecies that were fulfilled by the Savior’s birth. I think of all the people who preached and believed of that day, and never ended up living long enough to see it happen. But, finally, the glorious day did come.
As we follow the Spirit’s light, keep on the strait and narrow, and wait patiently for promises to be fulfilled, we live this scripture.

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