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january 20 - 26 -- 1 nephi 11-16 -- armed with righteousness and the power of God

We’ve made it! We’re at 1 Nephi 11:17! Y’all this is one of my favorite verses ever and it is finally time for it to shine. 😉
I love this verse so much because it acknowledges how we have an earthly perspective. Sometimes things look very different to us than they look in the Father’s infinite knowledge and plan.
As Lawrence E. Corbridge says in his talk, “Stand Forever,” there are primary and secondary questions in our faith journey. Do we really believe in God and Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon? If we truly know these answers, it can get us through the rough patches of earnestly seeking answers as they don’t come right away.
I don’t know everything, this verse confesses. But I know enough to press forward with faith.
There aren’t any Book of Mormon videos to go along with what we learn this week, but if you have time to read a talk, you will love “Stand Forever” as I mentioned previously. You can check that one out here!

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