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lds christmas quote #1 — christmas music time!

To be honest, I love the buildup to Christmas even more than the actual holiday itself. And a huge part of that is the music! Blasting Pentatonix at top volume, singing politically correct “holiday songs” in the school choir, playing my favorite carols at the Christmas recital, and bringing cheer to the elderly accompanying our ward youth singing all our favorite songs — these are all some of my favorite memories with Christmas music. And this is why I LOVE this quote so much. I was going to letter Christmas carols this month but decided against bc I felt like I had to keep up the quotes theme, so I feel like this is my compromise. Lettering a nice lil quote about them! Christmas songs are the BEST ugh love them so much, and when this publishes it will be December so I’ll feel right starting to sing them then.

This quote was sooooo long, so I did NOT letter the whole thing, but it went on to say that we will sing Christmas carols in heaven. Y’all! Y’ALL! Take all of your expectations of heaven and raise the roof cuz we are going to be singing Christmas songs up there!! Luv it.

I feel so lucky getting to start enjoying Christmas as I prepare these quotes. It’s finally almost here!

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