girls camp get-to-know-you

Hey, y'all. Ready for another girls camp post?

Aaaah, I love making these types of posts so much, and this fun one was no exception. For y'all, I have a girls camp get-to-know-you sheet. 

It can serve several purposes -- either as a questionnaire that the Young Women fill out ahead of time and give to the leaders to distribute to their Secret Sisters, or to serve as a little something to do while everyone is arriving at camp.

Or, both! I, as a YW, would probably prefer to get my Secret Sister's get-to-know-you sheet before camp, because then I could try to get a gift that reflected her personality. 

When I already have my gifts packed up at camp and no way to change them, I don't really want to know if my Secret Sister doesn't want them.

But also, the vast amount of knowledge I'll get from the paper may affect which small candy bar, or which color scrunchie I get, etc.

(I set it up so that the answers they give will give you lots of secret sister gift-giving ideas.)

Lol! So I don't know! You can obviously use it for whichever suits your needs, and it's pretty stinkin' cute. So... without much further ado...

Check it out here. Be sure to follow my Pinterest account to get updated about further Girls Camp posts! 

How many times have I said this... lol... have fun at Girls Camp!!

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