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ultimate summer personal progress journal giveaway!

If you haven't heard about the Ultimate Personal Progress Summer Journal, you're missing out! It's been so successful and I'm so happy with all of the people that it's been able to help with Personal Progress.

It lays out all of the steps to completing Personal Progress, in a helpful schedule to allow you to complete it before the summer is over. 

Imagine going from scrambling to finish it to being relaxed as you sit and enjoy the colorful and cute illustrations with hand-lettering and work on Personal Progress.

Or going from wondering how you're ever going to get it done to wondering which medallion you want - gold or silver??

Finishing Personal Progress is such a historical opportunity as the program is going to get rolled out, so you don't want to miss it, or miss the change to get the product for free!!

You have the chance to do this by entering the latest giveaway! 

The product will be given away on Friday June 14th, because you know Fridays are the best - but don't wait to enter. 

It's super quick and shouldn't take more than one minute of your time -- follow my Pinterest account, follow my shop on Etsy, and then fill out the form with your name so I'll know who wins the contest. Of course this, could take a little while if you had to do all the hunting, but I got y'all covered with the links, and the first two steps are two clicks.

And then sit back and enjoy the chance to receive this lovely product for $6.99 for free!


The winner of this contest is... Michelle! Congrats, gurl, and you can find the whole 85-page mega packet in your inbox. A big thx to everyone who entered and took steps to support the blog and shop! 💕

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