four super fly secret sister gifts

HEY, everyone, I'm so excited to be over-using the caps-lock and exclamation point keys, girls camp is COMING and I have these amazing Secret Sister gift ideas I get to share with you all.

Here is our little spread...

And I'm going to give you all of the free pretty printables and show you how to make them. 

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gift #1: battery-powered twinkle lights

My tent-mate got these last year, and we loved having some extra light in our tent. It made everything less rustic and a little more welcoming, like a cute little dorm room. I bought this set for $8, there are cheaper ones, but you have to purchase lithium-ion batteries to use with them, and this one is compatible with AAs. I was perfectly satisfied with the set I purchased, there's a lot of lights and it works perfectly.

I just slipped some batteries in there for them, closed the case, and then taped the gift tag on the back. I'll write their name on with a Sharpie at camp, obviously, and then I added some cute ribbon on the side.

To go with the gift, I just created a tag that says "you 'light' up the world with your beautiful smile." It goes with the gift and ik this is true about anyone!! I created it so it fits on the twinkle lights I ordered perfectly (they come in a plastic case), but there's no reason you can't use it even if you purchase other sets.

gift #2: nail polish

Who doesn't like a good amount of some nail polish? I figured it could be fun to do nails in some of our 6-hour periods of free time, lol, so that's the second gift! I just bought a pack from 5-Below, obviously, you can get nail polish anywhere. I like 5-Below's $5 packs that have 12 cheap little bottles of nail polish. ;)

I sometimes have the problem of holding onto things because I think they can someday be useful, and it felt so good to actually use this really adorable tiny bag to hold the nail polish(see above.) I don't even know when I randomly picked it up so I couldn't say what it was from, but I love those packs of, like 500 cellophane gift bags with those ties, those would be super budget-friendly esp if you're doing this for a whole YW group. I then threaded it through the drawstring tie portion of the cute lil bag.

The print says, "You're toe-tally amazing" since it's nail polish. 

gift #3: water bottle

Of course, a crucial part of Girls Camp is the hike. Hydrate or die-drate, peoplesssss. A water bottle is a great secret sister gift! 

I just used a hole punch, made a hole in the amazing gift tag, and did a simple slip knot to keep it in place. I love how easy all of these are!!

The gift tag just says "You're so cool." Nice and... punny, ew, agh, I can't.

gift #4: trail mix

It's making me sad already to think about the last day of 2019 girls camp. And I love the idea of a cute jar of trail mix to enjoy on the ride home.

Okay, I didn't know this, and I'm happy to laugh at my stupidity, but you can buy pre-made Chex mix. Like, what? I felt so productive just putting the Chex mix into the ADORABLE mason jar, and then I taped the print on the lid.

I'M ACTUALLY IN LOVE WITH THIS PRINTABLE. It is sooooo cute, just like all the other ones, but STILL, it is just way too gorgeous. See from the nice aerial view? It is pretty tiny, but fits perfectly on the lid, due to my circle measurements. ily geometry!! Jk.

Ly'all and hope you enjoy your girls camp!

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