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easy valentine's day activity : cookies & cards

All our class activities tend to be super low-key, so this isn't too big of an item to blog about, just a simple and cute activity idea you can hold around Valentine's Day. Any idea is helpful when you're planning!

We all got together, and created some Valentine's day cookies and cards for our ministering sisters. If you want my treat tags, you can print them here. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone, and hopefully this helps in finding some seasonal activity ideas.

P.S. Got any suggestions for products or freebies or post ideas? Lmk and I'll make it happen!


  1. You should do a tutorial on hand lettering!

  2. I would be happy to! Is there anything specific within hand-lettering you're wanting to learn(i.e. serif, sans serif, script, faux calligraphy, etc)?