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Valentine's Day Personal Progress

Oh, goodness, it's already Valentine's Day again!

So, I know candy hearts are kind of a hot topic right now. Everyone's making a huuuuge deal about how SweetHearts isn't making them, but seriously, other companies are only too happy about it and still producing off-brand candies.. Whether you found an alternative source of candy hearts or not, I thought this Valentine's Day Personal Progress worksheet would give you a healthy dose of them. 

It's Individual Worth #1, about how Heavenly Father LOVES you and is mindful of you. ;) You read each scripture, then draw a cute little saying on the candy hearts. I filled out one already for D&C 18:10 -- UR WORTH IS GR8! What cute sayings for the candy hearts can y'all come up with for the other scriptures? Lmk!! 

You can get this free worksheet here, and happy Valentine's Day, everyone. 


  1. This is so cleaver and adorable.

  2. This is so helpful since I am trying to finish Personal Progress by the end of 2019. Thank you for the gr8 idea! :D