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You're Irreplaceable

Does anyone else like faux calligraphy and hand lettering? 

I know I do! 

I thought I would take this opportunity to share a few things - mostly that more changes are coming!

I know, I know, I know, I've been saying this forever and I keep on changing everything!

But I'm a millenial, okay?

Lol. So, the real news is that *soon* the blog is changing yet again, to a design and lettering-centered site. There will be more freebies, better designed prints, and more, and while I'm absolutely not taking the Latter-Day Saint element away, I'll be adding even more ideas and prints instead of staying in a somewhat limited category.

For now, hold on tight until next year!

On a different note, has anyone heard of Madilyn Paige?

She's a great singer, and particularly known for her beautiful song "Irreplaceable."

I thought I would make a cute little lyric poster for this, and while I don't yet have the tools to make it into a PDF document, I thought I would share my little sketch to brighten the world.

I only noticed after making this that the poster didn't perfectly match the lyrics... but you know, I guess my version with errors still tells a good message! You may feel like you're all alone, but I can bear testimony that you never really are. ❤

Be sure to Pin, share, and follow my official Pinterest account. ❤ Ly'all, and Merry Christmas!

Listen to the song! Watch Madilyn's Face2Face! And remember, YOU ARE IRREPLACEABLE! 

❤ Latter-Day Lucie

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