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New Years Personal Progress : 2019 - Go For Gold!

Alright. 2018 is almost over... and soon there will be 1! More! Year! To finish Personal Progress! 

I thought it would be fun to make a little PP theme this year - we have a mutual one, for everyone, but we always need that extra little motivation for us to complete our Personal Progress.

So this theme is Go For Gold!

Gold represents Virtue, New Years, and in the Olympics, the highest honor! It's also the color of the YW Medallion (even though I got mine in silver 😉) and for many YW, this is the goal of this year!

A simple way to figure things out is to divide the number of items you have left by the number of months you want to be left -- for new Beehives, this amounts to about 5 items a month (an item being an elective, experience, or project.)

Of course, I've made a cute accompanying worksheet, which you can get here!

I hope it helps! I mean, I think that having worksheets for every experience, holiday posts, and more will compensate!

Ly'all, and wish you luck for all y'all who still need to complete their Personal Progress!

Yours Truly,
Latter-Day Lucie