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Personal Progress Subjects

When you're planning when to do Personal Progress, wouldn't it be nice to be able to look at a quick summary of the experience? Look no further.


1 - Learn about faith. Say your morning and evening prayers for three weeks.

2 - Discuss qualities needed for motherhood and read about the mothers of the stripling warriors.

3 - Read about faith. Choose a faith topic and give a FHE Lesson about it.

4 - Learn about the sacrament. Practice pondering the sacrament for three weeks.

5 - Learn about the Atonement and share your testimony of it.

6 - Learn about the Plan of Salvation and draw a model of the plan. Share it.

7 - Learn about tithing and pay it for three months while looking for blessings.

Divine Nature

1 - Learn about divine qualities and think about how you can develop them.

2 - Learn about womanhood and motherhood. Develop a mothering quality for two weeks.

3 - Make your home life better by being kind to a specific family member for two weeks.

4 - Memorize the sacrament prayers and listen to them, doing a divine quality everyday for two weeks.

5 - Be obedient to your parents for two weeks.

6 - Develop your divine qualities by making one part of your life for two weeks.

7 - Be a peacemaker for two weeks.

Individual Worth

1 - Learn about how Heavenly Father knows you, loves you, and is mindful of you.

2 - Learn about patriarchal blessings and prepare to receive one.

3 - Do all you can to build others and make them feel of worth for two weeks.

4 - Think about your life dreams and goals and record them in your journal.

5 - Participate in a dance, speech, music, or drama performance at school, and record about it in your journal.

6 - Learn more about your family history.

7 - List your spiritual gifts and have family and friends do the same.


1 - Learn about the importance of gaining knowledge.

2 - List some of your talents and learn a new skill.

3 - Assess a performance using the thirteenth article of faith.

4 - Learn about a gospel principle and prepare a five-minute talk on the subject.

5 - Learn about a career and take notes on it.

6 - Learn to memorize and conduct hymns.

7 - Apply knowledge you have learned in Girls Camp.

Choice and Accountability

1 - Learn about making good decisions and have regular prayer and scripture study for three weeks.

2 - Read FTSOY and journal about each topic. Live by standards for three weeks.

3 - Learn about agency and journal about it.

4 - Learn about repentance and journal about it.

5 - Learn about the Holy Ghost and journal about it.

6 - Study the YW Theme and journal about it.

7 - Live with a budget for three months and journal about it.

Good Works

1 - Learn about service and record acts of quiet service for two weeks.

2 - Prepare your family's meals for two weeks.

3 - Learn and journal about bearing each others' burdens.

4 - Learn about service and give an FHE on the topic.

5 - Serve a specific person for a month.

6 - Spend three hours giving service outside of your family.

7 - Invite a friend to church.


1 - Read FTSOY and live by standards for a month.

2 - Take an Integrity self assessment.

3 - Learn about examples of Integrity in the scriptures.

4 - Learn about integrity with an integrity interview.

5 - Learn about standing as a witness and practice a specific Integrity quality for three weeks.

6 - Fast correctly.

7 - Learn about and display the problems that weaken the family. Write a family plan for the present and future.


1 - Learn about the promised blessings of keeping the law of chastity.

2 - Learn about how virtuous living and the Holy Ghost are related.

3 - Take a temple worthiness self assessment.

4 - Learn and journal about repentance.

Hopefully this helps in your PP goal setting and planning!

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon

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