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Knowledge 7

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This situation is a little tricky. It sort of reminds me of a Faith in God experience. In it, the girls were supposed to "help a Primary leader carry out a quarterly activity." But there was one problem: those weren't held anymore. My BFF and I, at the time, were obsessed with finishing everything in Faith in God and got permission to help carry out another random activity to get it signed off. Then, a little bit later, we found out that the program had been updated so that we never even had to do it anyways. So back to Young Womens... We now have a new camp manual. And in this experience, they want us to use it. So will the church change it this time? I personally think the changes will occur in a couple years with their new youth initiative. So if I were you, I would either omit the old Camp Manual reading, which I incorporated into the worksheet, or choose a different elective. There's nothing wrong with this experience, it's just a tad outdated. In fact, I still remember doing it myself. I turned it into a super cool exhibit for Young Women In Excellence! I hope you have fun doing it, too.

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon.

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