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Fathers Day Personal Progress

Father's Day is June 17th this year, and while we wait for it to arrive, let's make gifts for our dads, watch a Father's Day video, and do Father's Day Personal Progress!

Father's Day Crafts, Cards, and Gifts:

"We Would Be Muffin Without You, Dad!" -- Eighteen 25 -- see here.

I thought this was a cute idea, except for the fact that it says "We Would Be Muffin Without You Dad!" and I'm sort of obsessed with grammar. Sorry. So you can see the post above, and get some grammatically correct and cute tags made by me here.

I like this idea because it is cute and simple, and who doesn't like to bake/eat muffins?

"Fathers Day Tie Napkin" -- Home Stories A-Z -- see here.

Whipping up a delicious Father's Day dinner? Fold napkins into a tie!

"Father's Day Cards" -- Fyne's Designs -- see here.

Just a bunch of cute little Father's Day cards.

Father's Day Video:

This great Mormon Message is perfect for Father's Day.

Father's Day Personal Progress:

Maybe some of these are stretch, but you can make them work!

Divine Nature 3 -- Strengthen your relationship with your dad in this experience. Get the worksheet here.

Divine Nature 5 -- Be more obedient to your dad in this experience. Get the worksheet here.

Individual Worth 6 -- Talk with your dad, grandpa, and other relatives to complete this experience. Get the worksheet here.

Knowledge 5 -- Learn what your dad does all day in this experience! Get the worksheet here. (You don't have to be interested in his work field, but still ask him the questions.)

Happy Father's Day! Yours Truly, Molly Mormon

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