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Virtue 4

"Because the Savior loves you and has given His life for you, you can repent. Repentance is an act of faith in Jesus Christ. Read Moroni 10:32–33, the book of Enos, and the section on repentance in For the Strength of Youth. The Savior’s atoning sacrifice has made it possible for you to be forgiven of your sins. Read the sacrament prayers in Doctrine and Covenants 20:77, 79. Determine to partake worthily of the sacrament each week and fill your life with virtuous activities that will bring spiritual power. As you do this, you will grow stronger in your ability to resist temptation, keep the commandments, and become more like Jesus Christ. Determine what you can do daily to remain pure and worthy, and write your plan in your journal."

I tweaked this worksheet a tiiny bit from when you've seen it before (from the Easter Personal Progress post) but other than that, now it has it's own post.

WOOHOO! Now I have finished one whole value of worksheets! It may be the shortest value there is... but we're not going to dwell on that.

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