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General Conference Activity Packet for Teens and Adults

  • You'll notice this may be a little outdated. (It was made in early 2018!) This General Conference, I am trying different note taking approaches to find the best one for a brand new notes packet next conference.
  •  You may see an option to request access to this Doc. I cannot grant access to edit this Doc because doing so will edit it for all viewers. This was also created in another platform so it isn't editable in Docs even if you make your own copy.
  • Can't wait to create a new notes packet like this to share for the next conference! 

As General Conference approaches, I've found that there are plenty of little kid coloring and activity packets. However, for teens and adults, you can take notes in a stodgy notebook, or just sit there.
So this General Conference Activity Packet was created. It's great for doodlers and artists like me, but anyone can use it.

With fun games to play, creative note-taking strategies, and tons of doodle space, get your General Conference Activity Packet here.

It comes with:

- a cute cover page
- game page for each session
-a how-to use guide
-two types of note-taking pages for every talk

Cover page.

Sample activity page.

Note-taking pages. (How-to use pages are included.)

And of course it's free! 😉

I did this assuming that there are eight talks for each session. I just thought it would be better to have more than enough than too little. If there are less, a little doodle room never hurt anyone! Hope you enjoy!

I decided not to mar the packet by placing my disclaimer at the bottom, so please, please, be respectful with it! Please do not change it in any way, claim it as your own, link directly to it, etc. You are more than welcome to feature it on your website! Just please link to this post and mention where you found the packet.

Now. Excuse me as I go print one for myself....

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