Knowledge 3

Knowledge 3

Memorize Article of Faith number thirteen and recite it to a parent, a leader, or another adult. Then visit a museum or exhibit or attend a performance that involves dance, music, speech, or drama. Using this article of faith as a guide, evaluate what you saw and heard. In your journal write your thoughts about how you can use this article of faith as a guide for all you do so the Holy Ghost will be your constant companion. Share those thoughts with a parent or leader.

I love viewing and attending the performances of the arts! I remember when completing this, I attended a play. My friend was in "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown!" and it was so much fun to support her while enjoying a night of clean, fun entertainment.

I love Studio C! For all you Utes, I'm sure attending a live performance would count! 😀

I hope you have fun doing this value experience!

See you next Sunday!
Yours Truly, Molly Mormon

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