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Individual Worth 3

"Read Doctrine and Covenants 18:10 and 121:45. Do all you can to build others and make them feel of worth. Every day for two weeks notice the worthwhile qualities and attributes of others. Acknowledge them verbally or in writing. In your journal write what you have learned about the worth of individuals and how your own confidence grows when you build others."

Has anyone read the book Have You Filled A Bucket Today? I still remember reading it in kindergarten, and if you haven't read it, it explains that as we do kind deeds to others, their 'buckets' are filled. When we're unkind to them, the reverse occurs. While it may just be a cute little picture book, it totally reminded me of the concept of this experience! 

Anyone wanting a Ponderize quote, here's this week's!

I ❤ gradients!

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Yours Truly, Molly Mormon

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