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Come Follow Me: What is the Atonement?

Below is my lesson plans; the activities which I did and the free printouts which you see above.
This lesson was a little challenging to make "fun" but I do hope that it helps you make your lessons more hands-on and fun.

Yours Truly, 
Molly Mormon

FYI: All printouts are original and made by me. However, the glass of water object lesson is NOT my idea. The credit goes to somesweettalkinggirl.com. I do NOT take credit for this idea. Some Sweet Talking Girl is an excellent website which you can view here. I would upload the image of her post to promote her, but I don't know if she would want that. I simply wanted to use it in my lesson but also to share my lesson plans with all y'all! Again, the glass of water idea is not mine. 

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