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Free Personal Progress Tracker

Say hello to the newly redesigned Personal Progress tracker at A Year of Progress!

Not only does it have the tracker, it has many more features. There was nothing wrong with the old one, but this one is even better. That's what I'm all about, always improving!

Print a free copy here.

Hopefully this helps!

Another product I will happily recommend is "He Loves Us and We Love Him" by Laurel Christensen.*It is a great book all about Personal Progress and the YW Values. I got it before I turned 12 to learn more about the program I was going into and loved it. It's a cute book and great gift; you could give it to a new Beehive along with this tracker!

Enjoy! See you next Sunday!
Yours Truly, Molly Mormon.

* The book is NOT an affiliate link, simply something I have personally enjoyed and wanted to share.

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