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the 2020 myprintspiration girls camp directory!!

2020 has been such a...special...year, and I can't believe how the virus has affected every single part of our lives. This includes girls camp, but I SO believe that virtual girls camp can be just as amazing as regular camp, there's no need to be overwhelmed in planning, and all the things you'll need for an amazing camp are here. Let's begin.

Are you like "I have NO idea where to begin in this ENTIRE thing?" I gotchu with the Virtual Girls Camp Starter kit. 😅

It has everything you need to help steer you towards an amazing week of virtual camp if you're feeling a little lost at sea. 🌊

Even if you have your theme all set, this resource will help you get the job done. I've also done add-on customizations for dozens of those who have purchased the kit, which is comprehensive and full of content but still can be adapted to your camp's needs.✨

Next up, are you the "I'm chill, but I just need some cute treats!" gal? Coming up with cute item sayings is hard -- but you need to look no further because adorable little treat tags are what this Go + Do treat tag kit is all about.

 Each item is specifically related to 1 Nephi 3:7 with a doctrinal quote on the back. If this is your theme, it will so enhance your girls camp experience!

Social distancing just makes socializing harder. If you have most of your activities planned and ready but just need one more fun event, I have put together an amazing one perfect for quarantine.

This colorful and cute slideshow was all created around Zoom + works perfectly on the platform we've all had to live on for the past few months! It is also perfect if you need a last minute save.

And finally, if you need a bunch of specific fun game ideas for your video calls, a certain young woman  (me) put together a huge list of ones that your young women will enjoy.

 This resource is my big quarantine gift to y'all, and you can access the premium freebie with tons of camp activity planning inspo here.

Well, that's all for now, but it is not the end of the h u g e library of freebies for Latter-Day Saints here on the blog. There's even a section just for Girls Camp. For all around Latter-Day Saint inspo + fun, follow me on Pinterest and find delightfully inspirational quotes over on the gram.

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