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march 16-22 — jacob 5-7 — the Lord labors with us

How can we be as unshaken as a mountain, and as Jacob, in our testimonies? I’m sure reasons will manifest themselves as we focus on the reading this week in Come, Follow Me. 

Here are some starters from Jacob’s life.

1. Stand in holy places + watch your friends (2 Nephi 5:6)

The Lamanite-Nephite separation was a pretty big deal - everyone went from pals all in this together from warring civilizations on the run from each other. As we learn, Jacob chose to go with Nephi’s crew, despite how hard it may have been to leave half the family behind. Or maybe it wasn’t hard, like some “we are never ever ever getting back together” thing. Idk 😂. But like there was a lot at stake with this and Jacob not only chose to stand in holy places, he chose to chill with righteous peeps. Yayyyy.

2. Magnify your calling + serve (Jacob 2:2)

After Nephi died, Jacob gave a speech on chastity, pride, and riches to the Nephites. But why? As he said himself, he strived to magnify his calling. We can get involved at church and as we will we can support people having good experiences of fellowship and community at church. You don’t need any calling to be kind — we are all commanded to be. It’s hard to learn at church when you are preoccupied with yourself and feeling lonely - and sometimes you can get out of that funk by finding others and serving them. Getting involved at church is always a great way to serve and learn. 

3.Receive revelation (Jacob 7:5)

As President Nelson said, “In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.” Jacob didn’t skip out on this important message. He said that God spoke to him, and that he prayed often — and those two are inextricably connected. Importantly, he never gave up and followed the command to pray often. 

To see Jacob’s unshaken faith in action, watch this Book of Mormon video below, which was made by the Church's amazing channel. You know it's going to be epic, like, just look at Sherem's balayage beard. Def an icon.😂 it even turns into a medical drama at the end ahahahaha be sure to check it out. Did I sell y'all on it or what?!? 😂

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