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why is joseph smith's mission important to me?

ok yass it's yet another come, follow me lesson! This one is about Joseph Smith's mission and -- y'all!!! I actually have so many helpful resources and ideas for this one.

A few years ago (omigosh that makes me wanna cry I'm so old I've been in YWs so long!) I had to teach a lesson on Joseph Smith's role in the restoration. And I'm sorry if you don't feel this way (like "hehe talking about Joseph Smith is just the most exciting thing everrrrr") but I was worried that my lesson was gonna be a snoozefest. 

Soooo, I made a stations activity and other fun printables and it was actually a really fun lesson. Everyone got to learn a lot about what he actually did and ummmm like the lesson is almost identical to this one, I've created a bunch of printables and they're FREE so y'all will not want to miss heading over there if you're teaching the lesson.

I also just love silhouettes so that's what I created for him for this lesson. Praise to the Man. #27. Short, simple & sweet. I like it. You can print it for yourself here. 

yay thx everyone for reading to this point! if you love freebies and what we do, support us for free by following on Pinterest or Instagram. Best of luck with everyone's lessons!!

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