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children and youth goal setting helps

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I wanted to create a lil something to help families incorporate this new program in their lives, and I thought free printables going with a little family kick-off party could be super fun to share!
I organized 3 ways to use the printables. The FHE packet contains everything I created, and other versions are abbreviated for various needs.

FHE Packet & Plans:
1. Complete the "year in review" printable page.
2. Complete the "Goal Fails" activity.
3. Read the New Era article from President Ballard or view and discuss the summary posters.
4. As a family, complete Goal Planning pages and discuss what everyone is hoping to do this year.

Children/Youth Activity Packet & Plans:

1. Complete the "Goal Fails" activity.
2. As a primary children/youth group, complete Goal Planning pages. Hand them out to the children/youth in place of or alongside the Children/Youth guidebooks, which they are meant to serve as a companion for.

Personal Goal Setting Packet & Plans:

Read the article "Go for It" by President Ballard (March 2004 New Era) and complete the reflection and goal planning pages.

If you love the packet, please follow the blog on Pinterest! It just takes a click and there is lots of good stuff rounded up over there. Best of luck y’all!