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young women's treat for november!

THIS MONTH'S IS SO CUTE! Maybe I'm just a little excited to share.... this!

I was originally thinking about this being a Printspo post, but as I lettered it I saw much potential in this as an adorable treat tag. There are just so many goodies with every holiday (sadly, or awesomely, it varies on opinion, as a part of our American culture I think.) Regardless of whether I actually eat any of these, I just had so much fun drawing all of the awesome Thanksgiving pies, pumpkin spice desserts 😂🤩 and... everything! Gratitude really is sweet, right?

it is literally SUCH a Thanksgiving mood, and I love it.

It's actually a pretty short quote, so I just designed it as a Ziploc bag topper, so you can put literally WHATEVER you want inside!! I had to make up a random trail mix thing as part of making it an interesting graphic people would click on, but don't think you're limited to any of the items above.

You could put in...

-those awesome pumpkin candies
-bugles (think cornucopia)
-Reese's pieces (they are Thanksgiving colors)
-candy corn
-anything pumpkin

And there are so much more ideas on Pinterest -- this one seemed like the cutest trail mix one -- but y'all this is not a food blog, so I won't get carried away, but this Latter-Day Saint one so ofc I was happy to make a treat tag you can give to your Young Women, as a ministering message of sorts, to Activity Day girls, and MORE!!

Get the free treat tag here (there's a few to the page) and while you're on it, be sure to follow my account on Pinterest.


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