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#LightTheWorld FHE

Hey, y’all! I am here with an amazing FHE packet for free for #LightTheWorld! So exciting that the Christmas season & initiative is here. I have 3 amazing ideas to help direct your family night, with activities for younger kids, older kids, and teens.

1.LightTheWorld.org “Scavenger Hunt”
TEENS: I’m a teen. I know what they like, hahaha, and I think our #1 favorite thing is our phones. This activity lets teens use them to learn while enjoying the Church’s new film, “The Christ Child.” This is an amazing film, and I tried to show it to my siblings, but they just don’t have that long of an attention span, or the patience for an 18-minute film. But I think that your teenagers will benefit from watching it and looking around the website on their phones, using the worksheet I made. I hope you enjoy using it!

2.Christmas Countdown Chain
OLDER KIDS: This turned out so cute and was super fun to make. I love counting down to events and having something to look forward to, and countdown chains are a great way to have a physical thing to look at that’s all like “25 days til Christmas y’all!!” This activity works as a nightly thing. Since older kids can write and may have their own ideas and opinions on how exactly to #LightTheWorld, I left a large spot on the chains for them to write their daily service plans. And there is no shame in just copying from the #LightTheWorld calendar, I’ve just provided these in case there’s something you aren’t able to do, or your family has personal ideas.

3.Service Ornaments
YOUNGER KIDS: If they can draw but not write, this activity is for them! I took each idea on the #LightTheWorld calendar and translated it into an actionable prompt for kids! Some of them were hard to translate and I opted for something different instead (ex: “Visit a small business and leave them a review” goes into “Thank your librarian”) so don’t try to read into them too much/extensively compare them to the original, but overall, they go along with the things that the other family members would be doing!
And all of these FHE plans, Printables, and activities are explained more in-detail in the packet, a free printable you can access here. If you love this, could you follow the blog Pinterest? Just getting started over there! 😉
Merry Christmas y’all! Best of luck as you light the world!

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