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2020 : fly up and go and do it

Having trouble coming up with all these title variations, people! Anyways, this is going to count as your printspo, people, I am so sorry but I did not have time to letter a quote on vacation this week. It's an inspirational quote, y'all, even if it's from a prophet who lived 2600 years ago!

So. Here. Is. The 4th Print. So excited to share. #5 is being all finicky (or at least my editor is) so it is taking a little bit longer, but I am confident I'll be able to pull through with that design soon! 

But let's focus on this design we have in the present. Without further ado, here it is.

Isn't is so adorable? I love how it turned out, and the color scheme. The past 3 ones have been focused on telling a story, but this one is simply aesthetic for y'all. 

Not that I can't tie it back to the gospel! Heavenly Father has SO much more in store for us than we could imagine, and obviously, we don't know about that when we decide to go and do. Just like in a hot air balloon, you never know where it's going to take you. But we know that the Spirit will guide our travels.

Speaking of my others, you can check them out and follow my 2020 Go and Do Pinterest Board. I know there isn't much there at the moment, but I'm waiting to release all #5 and then add some other amazing pins. Patience, my friends!

On the board, you can find the Rosie the Riveter one, a Converse print, and a traffic light theme. Enjoy! And again, this is the second-to-last 2020 print, so get it free while you can.

Good luck with your 2020 planning!