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mother's day personal progress

Heyyyyy, y'all. Here I am, yet again, with...shocker... another slightly late holiday post. But, no, it's never too late, although Mother's Day is in 1! More! Week!

Ugh. Of course I decided to revamp/redesign last years post, and as I was reading it I just had to laugh. I was all like, "Mother's Day is coming up! It may not be for a while, but I prefer to release things early than late. Let's get started." Ew! I sound so snobby. And I posted it a whole month before the real event. 

Aaaaagh I'm so sorry I'm coming a little late to the playing field, but either way I hope this cute little Mother's Day Personal Progress worksheet will help you get some PP done.

The church is starting to release (agonizingly vague) facts about the new 2020 program. PP is dying. Like our amazing prophet said, "Time is running out!!!" And that most definitely includes Personal Progress. 

Do you still need to get your medallion? Don't forget to grab a few worksheets while you're here, maybe a Personal Progress binder, and soon, (I have been saying "soon" foreevvverrr...😬😬) a supercute special program with hand-lettering and illustrations galore to help you finish up your Personal Progress and get the necklace you DESERVE!!! 

So, for Mother's Day, you can grab this Mother's Day worksheet for Faith 2. I hope the cute illustrations and colors make it a little extra fun, and I think your mother (or any awesome YW leader) will love completing it with you. Here is my old post if you want a few (not as well designed) concepts and ideas.

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Enjoy your Mother's Day!! Any mothers reading this... TY for everything you do 24/7 for your children and families, and for just being you! Any YW trying to work on their PP before the time runs out, look at you! I see you! Any action to further your progress on the goal is simply amazing. And to everyone. You are amazing, enjoy the holiday, and know you are loved.

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