land of the free because of the brave

So, Monday is Memorial Day...
ahem. You guys. So insane.

Just wanted to share this quote as we think about the lives lost during this holiday. Of course we can have fun - and enjoy our barbeques - and sing the Star Spangled Banner until our heart's content. But let's not forget the amazing sacrifice of all of those who laid down their lives.

I'm so proud to live in Americaaaa, this land, which is my land, and your land, and oh, gosh, I got to make some lyric printspo, but anyways. 

It is the unsung heroes that we have to thank for ... US. A free country, fought for by our ancestors - my ancestors, your ancestors, my neighbors, your neighbors. Maybe. Even. You! 

Please share this patriotic quote with anyone you think is brave, or an awesome American and enjoy the weekend!

 - How I Lettered It - 

For this composition, I used 3 styles -- you generally always want to go with that rule -- with script, half-thick sans serif, and cute sans serif. I'm going to be rolling out some hand-lettering posts with tutorials soon, so you'll soon be able to make sense of my little font names. Super exciting! 

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