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why is jesus christ important in my life?


Lol. Maybe it was that life kinda took over, but also that I've been working on a little something! As I've said before, if I'm silent for a week, two weeks, a month, a couple months, it means that I'm scheming and going to release something super amazing soon... or that I'll be back as soon as I can! 

This time, I can finally release one of my first lesson helps. I'm so excited to put out this content.

You can check out some other packets I've created on my Etsy shop, and look at this product which is available for $2.50 here

 This lovely 21-page lesson helps packet has beautifully designed graphics and handouts to supplement the teaching, and fun and interactive activities to help keep the YW engaged. 


- PERSONAL PLANNING PAGES - These are the places for YOU, the teacher!! These help you record impressions you receive while planning the lesson, decide your required timing and more. 

- #HALLELUJAH ACTIVITY - Includes three pretty prints of questions that can be answered with the document "The Living Christ," and directs the YW to think, find and share about their answers to begin the lesson and get their wheels turning.

- "WHAT HAS HE DONE FOR ME?" ACTIVITY - So, what exactly has our Savior done for us? This talk study activity dives deeper into everything that Jesus did, some of which we see during our New Testament study!

-MOANA ACTIVITY - This is super fun and a great way to get the YWs' attention in how the gospel relates to the Disney movie. YW are prompted to write how they can "Make Way For The Savior."

-MINI TESTIMONY MEETING ACTIVITY - This is a great way for everyone to share what they have learned and their own personal testimonies of Christ.

And, of course, a beautiful handout for the end!

There is so much graphics and material that you won't have to worry about filling the required time (you'll probably have to decide what NOT to do in the lesson!)

Oh, and I think this would make an amazing Easter lesson! I had a Moana color-palette and theme, and that combined with the amazing topic could totally work together.

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