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your talents

What's up, everyone? Can't believe it's another amazing Friday. So excited for GENERAL CONFERENCE coming SOON!!! I'll be sure to post on that sometime, lol, there's only about 1 more week, but anyways, here is today's quote.

"Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God."
-Leo Buscaglia

I love it! We came to this Earth, yes to be tested, but I like to think of it more as that we are here to learn and grow and become more like the God who gave us our talents and gifts. One analogy I've heard is that we were given a suitcase as we came down. Some of us got packed creativity, others empathy, kindness, love, strength, spunk, or courage. Of course, maybe what's more familiar is the parable of the talents. In that story, a talent was another word for a coin. In the end, the master was proud of both of the servants who exhibited growth, no matter their end results. 

On that beautiful day (I can only imagine, lalalaaa,) on the other side of the veil, when I meet my Heavenly Father, I want to say "thank you."

"Thank You so much for all of the gifts and talents and blessings You've given me."

But I don't just want to say that.

I want to show it. Now & with my life.

So that I can honestly say, "I've used them. I tried and failed, and worked, and hustled, and practiced, progressed, and worked to develop and grow the talents You gave me. And I used them to help others."

Lemme tell you. It has NOT always been pretty! Even now I know I still have lots of room to improve in lettering, my art, design, lol, even life. But it's all part of the journey, and I'm creating lots of messes and sharing them on Pinterest with confidence and joy.

And I'll continue doing this on Fridays! I love you all! Please Pin, follow, and share this lil' quote with anyone you think it could benefit. I'm officially fulfilled from all of this creating. But I need your help to get it out there so others can see it! :)❤❤

 So! Grow your talents! Know where they come from! Thank you so much for reading & stopping by.

difficult roads can lead to beautiful destinations

Omigosh, I looooove this quote so much!! And I'm so happy about how this little bit of printspo turned out. It literally makes me so happy doing this; graphic design, lettering, so glad I can show up with a new print for you all.  

Oh, and happy Friday! Agh. I'm jumping off the walls I'm so hyper. So. Okay.

Difficult roads can lead to beautiful destinations.

Of course, we wish we could also be happy, and hunky dory, and joyful and perfect in life. But if we always were, happiness wouldn't be happy. We wouldn't know highs if it weren't for lows. 

And in life, the lows do happen. It's easy to get swept up in negativity with the true storms and trials in our lives, but when the storms come I love these & other empowering thoughts.

"This too shall pass."

"God will get you through this."

Or this gem, by Elder Holland: "Don't give up (boy,) don't you quit. There is hope, and help ahead."

So many things I still need to letter! I love it. 

Maybe we can react to our circumstances like "why me?" with fear, and desperation, and worry. Or maybe we could choose to live with peace and abundance, and think, "why not me? This is the exact way it's supposed to be." 

This trial, this...toxic person, ew, this storm, this cross I have to bear is here, and I can wallow in it and endure it or come out stronger than before and allow it change me & my life.

Difficult roads can lead to beautiful destinations - but only if you let them.

Yayyyyy! I know I've been kind of silent on the blog lately, and, well, it's because I'm working on something BIG! I'm going to continue to show up with some awesome printspo on Fridays, but I'm so excited to unveil my latest little project once it's done and post a little more often. 

Thank you all for so much love and support! Love all of you Pinners, followers, clients, supporters, viewers... and humans! 

If you don't feel like coming over every Friday to see the new print, (ain't nobody got time for that!) go follow my Pinterest!! Not only will it let you know when I've posted and let you see the posts you like within the site/app, it helps the Pinterest algorithm show my relevant Pins when you search for them.


st. patrick's day hand-lettered quote

Agh! My last St. Patrick's Day quote! Lol, this is an example of major procrastination, because I had committed to doing one, and of course, I do it the night before the actual holiday. Yayyyy me!

I'm definitely trying to post more hand-lettered quotes, because that's what the blog is all about! Cute prints & inspirational quotes and more. So that's something fun to look forward to. ;)

Yes, it's the night before so I doubt anyone will actually use it for St. Patrick's day, but hey. I said I would make one, and I did! So, HA!

Happy St. Patty's day, everyone Irish out there! 

why is jesus christ important in my life?


Lol. Maybe it was that life kinda took over, but also that I've been working on a little something! As I've said before, if I'm silent for a week, two weeks, a month, a couple months, it means that I'm scheming and going to release something super amazing soon... or that I'll be back as soon as I can! 

This time, I can finally release one of my first lesson helps. I'm so excited to put out this content.

You can check out some other packets I've created on my Etsy shop, and look at this product which is available for $2.50 here

 This lovely 21-page lesson helps packet has beautifully designed graphics and handouts to supplement the teaching, and fun and interactive activities to help keep the YW engaged. 


- PERSONAL PLANNING PAGES - These are the places for YOU, the teacher!! These help you record impressions you receive while planning the lesson, decide your required timing and more. 

- #HALLELUJAH ACTIVITY - Includes three pretty prints of questions that can be answered with the document "The Living Christ," and directs the YW to think, find and share about their answers to begin the lesson and get their wheels turning.

- "WHAT HAS HE DONE FOR ME?" ACTIVITY - So, what exactly has our Savior done for us? This talk study activity dives deeper into everything that Jesus did, some of which we see during our New Testament study!

-MOANA ACTIVITY - This is super fun and a great way to get the YWs' attention in how the gospel relates to the Disney movie. YW are prompted to write how they can "Make Way For The Savior."

-MINI TESTIMONY MEETING ACTIVITY - This is a great way for everyone to share what they have learned and their own personal testimonies of Christ.

And, of course, a beautiful handout for the end!

There is so much graphics and material that you won't have to worry about filling the required time (you'll probably have to decide what NOT to do in the lesson!)

Oh, and I think this would make an amazing Easter lesson! I had a Moana color-palette and theme, and that combined with the amazing topic could totally work together.