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st. patrick's day personal progress

I always loved St. Patrick's day! Me and my brother always used to make leprechaun traps, to find them filled with candy the next day, create rainbow crafts, and all sorts of fun things when we were little. Once I was older, though, I realized that the holiday was pretty much just an excuse for people to pretend to be Irish and get drunk. 

Not much spirituality to pull from.

But, you have no idea how much fun I had creating this. I love a good design challenge!! 

So then it hit me. Yes, Personal Progress colors are like a rainbow, or at least, they're supposed to be. An out-of-order-rainbow it is, which always made me annoyed. But the most important thing?

At the end of the rainbow was gold!

We had white, blue, pink, green, orange, yellow, and purple. Then a few years later, a value got added onto the end. Virtue! 

And, this year St. Patrick's day falls on a Sunday! Perfect, perfect, perfect!

Whether you want to give out the packet/motivator on the day of or a week before, kudos to you to finding this and bringing something seasonal into the game!!

Here's the spiel.

As the handout below says, "There's gold at the end of the rainbow. Complete the Virtue experiences (it's not a hard feat) for a special, delectable St. Patty's day treat!"

Add this to a specially designed packet, and you're golden.

There are worksheets for each Virtue experience, with a special St. Patrick's day design. 

If the girls complete the packet (or already have done the experiences on record,) they get a 'pot' of gold candy. I used Rolos, although gold coins would be supercute as well. 

I also created a tag for the takers -- "Congratulations, my friend, you did as you were told. I hope you enjoy this cute pot of gold!" I then tried and failed for a little while creating an origami box. Seriously, I'm that one person who always needs the art teacher's help in doing origami and just ends up having them do the whole thing. But YouTube is a helpful resource -- this is the tutorial I used. 

I had so much fun creating it and am glad to give it away for free. Please Pin it, follow the profile, and share!

Happy... (personal) progressing! (?!?) 

easy valentine's day activity : cookies & cards

All our class activities tend to be super low-key, so this isn't too big of an item to blog about, just a simple and cute activity idea you can hold around Valentine's Day. Any idea is helpful when you're planning!

We all got together, and created some Valentine's day cookies and cards for our ministering sisters. If you want my treat tags, you can print them here. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone, and hopefully this helps in finding some seasonal activity ideas.

P.S. Got any suggestions for products or freebies or post ideas? Lmk and I'll make it happen!

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