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2019 If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments Teach the Theme Packet

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It's always a struggle, is it not?

Whenever there's any sort of activity, you want to try and keep it from leaning too far into one of the four quadrants of social, spiritual, physical, and emotional activities. Good activities touch on all elements - and it's hard to make a mutual theme activity that balances correctly and thoroughly teaching youth doctrine while not making it a total snooze-fest. 

So I'm so excited to share my resource package for Teaching the 2019 Theme! I really procrastinated creating it, but once I started I was so grateful for the "ideas" (cough, cough, inspiration from the Spirit, lol, cough) that started flowing into my brain day and night as I worked to prepare it! 

The one thing that the whole activity is centered around is the theme video!

Go ahead and watch it right now if you haven't already!

It's a great, upbeat song with beautiful lyrics. It has a great music video to accompany it, with three inspiring stories told, with beautiful video footage.

Lol, the Polynesian boy's smile is so cute. Ahhhh! Dimples! Anyway.

This activity really dissects the chorus of the song - "We'll go and serve our neighbor with an open heart, find the heavy hands and try to lift them up, live the way He lived and do the things He taught, if we love Him" - and teaches it (while reinforcing the principles and key concepts of 'Keep My Commandments') in a fun and interactive way to get the youth working together and taking away valuable lessons about this theme that will stick with them the rest of the year. It's helpful while still fun.

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Purchase the product here, visit my shop here.

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 I have some previews below...

Best of luck this new year! I made a board with all of my helps for this theme (free and paid) -- view it here, follow me on Pinterest here

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