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If you've ever visited this blog before January 2019, you may be a little confused right now!

I hate it when blogs, companies, etc, go through major changes and they don't tell anyone. It's like they just... think no one will notice?

Well, I think my blog design went from drab to fab, thanks to some recent work, so I hope you noticed! Lol. 

So! What's different, and what's the same with my blog and the changes?

The Name

Yes, I definitely changed the blog name. I wanted something that wasn't solely Latter-Day Saint based. To make it clear, I'm not doing away with the church-inspired posts on this blog, and about 80% of the blog will still be church-related content. Being a Latter-Day Saint is too big of a part in my life for me to just...stop posting about it!! Changing my name is mostly about broadening my horizons and making things available to members and non-members alike. :) I will continue to share ideas and resources for Latter-Day Saints.


From about two months after I created it, I realized that ayearofpersonalprogresslds.blogspot.com wasn't a little URL. It was literally a piece of HTML code it was so long! I finally bought a registered URL, and it is myprintspiration.com. You can totally still type "ayearofpersonalprogresslds.blogspot.com" and it will redirect to this blog... if you're in desperate need of some typing practice! But myprintspiration.com is the new URL. 

The Content

As I previously stated, I'm still going to continue to develop free and paid church-related resources, and all shop purchases will still fund my mission. But hopefully I can also branch out to include more! More quotes, handouts, and other hand-lettering projects. 

The Quality

I am always aiming to make things better and keep progressing. I hope that you agree that the new changes are for a better quality.

My Profile
Yes, this is me!! (Insert Greatest Showman music...) Of course it's a caricature and not my actual face, but I'm still Claire as I've always been and I'm still here! I always read and reply to the comments and the changes do not equate any added distance between myself and the blog.


I can finally assure you that these will pretty much be the last. Of course there may be minor upgrades ahead, but this, I promise, is the last major one. In every change I made before, I was seeking a beautifully designed blog with my own URL, which wasn't LDS-exclusive. Now that I've reached these goals, I'm finally done with major redesigns.

Tsym for anything and everything you've done to support the blog.

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