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A Mighty Change of Heart - Grinch Christmas Personal Progress Activity

Whether you're a perfect pious planner or cray-cray last minute procrastination pro, I got you covered with this super cute Grinch Personal Progress mutual activity!

You've repented, Mr. Grinch! In this lovingly hand-lettered packet full of cute illustrations, you'll be able to throw a Christmas Personal Progress party in a pinch! Watch the classic Christmas cartoon, then get going on the gospel parallels as you examine the Christmas curmudgeon's change of heart as he goes from doing dastardly deeds to helping the Whos cut up the roast beast. You'll even get to sign off a Personal Progress experience while you're at it! ;)

This 10-page printout set includes:

-instructions and ideas
-cute "perhaps christmas means something more" print in three sizes
-observations sheet
-virtue 4 packet taking you through each and every step

These are not just your ordinary black and white "blah" papers. You'll find some cute illustrations on the side to make doing Personal Progress just a little more fun and easy!

And all for only $0.99!

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Love y'all and wish you the best in planning any last-minute activities before the year ends. ;)

Merry Christmas!

- Latter-Day Lucie

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