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Flip Flops For Girls Camp

This post was also featured on the Girls Camp Night post, but I think it deserves its own post.

 Flip Flops For Girls Camp 

Activity: This is a nice cheap and easy activity. You'll want to purchase dollar store flip flops for each girl, and then they can decorate them with fabric. There's not much else to say, but that should take up the whole activity.

First, take fabric and cut into three inch strips. I've chosen teal and pink fabric to line my dollar store flip flops. Next, (I know, I need more pics for this) lift up the strip of fabric and tie it in a knot around the strap thingy of the flip flop. I was totally able to do this in the one-hour time period, so your YW should be able to too as long as things go smoothly. Below is how they turned out. I ended up trimming off some excess, and voila! I like these because they didn't cost much, so I can just wear them to Girls Camp without worrying that they will get dirty. My nice flip flops can stay home, and these thrifty and cute ones will go in my bag.

Treat: I found this recipe for adorable flip flop cookies on Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons. (Hehe, that rhymes!) There's no actual baking, you just decorate Nutter Butter cookies to look like flip flops. They're adorable, and you can make them here.

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Molly Mormon

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