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Personal Progress Standard Two-Week Trackers

Personal Progress can almost be divided into four categories: one-day experiences where you read, write, and journal, first. Secondly, two-week ones where you set a goal and journal about its outcome. Thirdly, three month ones, almost identical to the previous ones except for with their time length. Finally, some ones telling you to do things straight away. I say this not to criticize the program, no, only to slowly lead into my point here.

I love the one-day ones, but the two-week ones are inevitable. So I thought... what if I create a standard sheet outlining the basic processes of these? So the first pastel pink one, matching our lovely Personal Progress book was born. I then decided to create value specific ones, and attach them to worksheets. And here we have it: Two Week Trackers!

First in the PDF is a Personal Progress tracker that will work for ANY experience. An example is given.

 So this is great... unless you have mild OCD are very annoyed/stressed that you are doing anything Divine-Nature related on a paper with a pink color palette?!?! Not to worry. In the PDF are exact copies of this tracker but with appropriate value colors. So there you have it. Good luck on those tricky two week experiences! Get your free standard two week tracker right here!

Yours Truly, Molly Mormon

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