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Girls Camp Posts: A Girls Camp Journal

DISCLAIMER: This girls camp journal is kind of pretty mediocre.
I won't take it off the web, but hey, if you're looking for a fabulous redesign (pictured above) head over here.

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Planning girls camp? Come grab your copy of treat tags, textables, devotional helps & more! ❤Designed for young woman by a young woman to make your life easier. 😘

Okay, okay. Maybe it only is, like, May, and there are like... a gazillion days of school left... but I finished registering for Girl's Camp today and I can't help but be EXCITED! (and anxious, at the exact same time!😉) So I decided to add in some Girls Camp content, and make a Girls Camp page. Ahhh. I can feel the Girls Camp vibes. Biting flies, cold lakes, sand and dirt...

I seriously thought I would start designing and be done in ten minutes, but it actually took a little bit longer than I was expecting. So after all this time, I'm so excited to share this with the world...

It includes....

-day by day journals
-testimony meeting thoughts
-scripture study place
-fun games and activities
-unique journal prompts
-and more!

The final cost is only $0.00! So of course, you can get your own copy right here for free. I wanted it to be easy to use so you can either use it as a packet or trim the pages so that it is a cute little book!

Hope you enjoy!

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