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Divine Nature 7

"Learn the definition of the word peacemaker. Then find and read five scriptures that teach about peacemakers. Become an example of a peacemaker in your home and at school as you refrain from criticizing, complaining, or speaking unkindly to or about others. Pray each morning and evening to Heavenly Father for help to do this. After two weeks write in your journal what new habits you want to develop, how being a peacemaker is part of your divine nature, and how you will continue to be a peacemaker."

You can get the free printable worksheet here. I included a two week tracker to help, and in case you want to go paperless, edit it using Kami.

Above we have a shareable scripture quote -- and once you read it, you already have a scripture done! High-five! 

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon

p.s. dictionary definition from dictionary.com.

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