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Easter Personal Progress

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Yes, Easter is a month away, but it's never to early to begin planning, right?

Happy Easter from A Year of Progress!

Just like at Christmas, there's the fun and politically correct aspects of Easter -- the Big Bunny, eggs, candy, and the pastel color palettes -- all of which I enjoy -- but I always try to remember the real reason behind Easter.

I feel like sometimes Easter kind of gets short-changed. I mean, we have enormous parties and get out a plethora of decorations. It's a pretty big deal -- and sadly, sometimes a bigger deal than Easter.

I love, LOVE, Christmas too, but it's definitely important to remember: if our Savior hadn't died for us, atoned for our sins, and been resurrected, then His birth -- Christmas -- wouldn't have been a big deal. Of course, it can go both ways, but I digress.

Easter is important, okay?! :)

I love how the Church has social media campaigns on Easter as well, so here are all of them from the past.

I love, love, LOVE the Because of Him video which came out in 2014. It is amazing and still brings tears to my eyes. We played it at my brother's baptism and are set to put it on as my little sister is baptized. Here is the video that the church made:

In 2015, it was the He Lives campaign. Here is the church's video:

The #Halleujah campaign in 2016 was great; I loved how they also had the large chorus! My aunt actually sang in it so it was fun trying to spot her face. That year the church made the video below.

The #PrinceofPeace campaign 2017 was great -- reminding anyone of Peace in Christ? ;)

In 2018, the church has decided to go with the 2014 message again. Go here to learn more.

Yes, we are going to do some Easter Personal Progress ... eventually. But first, I need to share some of my favorite Easter themed crafts (religious ones, of course.) I scoured old Pinterest boards and some of my favorite LDS blogs, and here's what I came up with:

First up, I found Resurrection Eggs by sofestive.com. I remember doing them in Activity Days a long time ago and they were fun to make! Her bio says she lives in SLC, UT, so I'm positive she's LDS and added it to my mental list of good lifestyle LDS blogs.

A Year of FHE -- you know that one right? (Beautifully designed FREE printables for tons of Family Night lessons) I love her blog. Teach a special Easter lesson at FHE using the resources here.

My family and I made a mini Resurrection Garden a while ago which is similar to the one at wearethatfamily.com. It's a super cute idea!

Now, finally, time for the Easter Personal Progress I promised. Whoa, that's a tongue twister!

I broadened my horizons to include the last week of the Savior's life. Yes, some of them may be a stretch, but it's okay.

Integrity 3 -- The Savior atoned for our sins. See how this shows Integrity and other scripture heroes have as well.

Virtue 4 --  Because the Savior gave His life for you, you can repent. Learn more as you complete this experience.

Faith 4 -- In the last week of His life, the Savior introduced the sacrament. Bring the sacrament into your life and your relationship with the Savior.

Faith 5 -- In the last week of His life, the Savior atoned for your sins as well. Learn more about how to appreciate this in this experience.

Knowledge 6 -- Memorize and conduct two hymns. Do two Easter ones (Hymns 197-200) and you're good to go.

Happy Easter everyone!
Yours Truly, Molly Mormon

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