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Valentine's Day Heart Attack Service Activity

Miss last month's Mutual Activity -Time Capsules? 

Hey, hey y'all! Looks like you found one of my short and sweet mutual activity posts. This one happened a looooong time ago, but I can still remember the amazing impact it had!

The activity is simple. All you need is construction paper, markers, and a target. We found some random heart doilies in our YW closet, so those ended up being used in our operation.

We had time to decorate the hearts, heart attack a nearby sister, and then decorate the bishop's door in our one-hour mutual time block. Both were so happy and touched, and this was an amazing service activity we all enjoyed. (Especially after eating the thank-you cookies the following week.)

Be sure to pin the graphic above to save the activity idea for later! If you're planning February activities, be sure to also check out the cookies and cards activity we did, which was a lil more recent. 

And if you are in need of more activity ideas, don't hesitate to follow the Mutual Activities board to be updated when new posts arrive. 

You can find a few pics from the activity below. So aesthetic I can't even... 😂😂

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