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What Do We Know About the Nature of the Godhead?

No, this isn't a Personal Progress Value Experience. But who's to complain about these free lesson helps?

I'm not a very good graphic designer, I must admit, and when teaching Come Follow Me lessons in Young Women's, I very often turn to blogs to find cute printables to hand out to the Young Women, and more.

But for this particular lesson, I couldn't find anything. I searched and searched Pinterest, but it turns out, no one had any free picture quotes or printable worksheets to go with the lesson. It wasn't too hard finding some lesson kits... that cost money. 

So after looking at the lesson outline, I created these lesson helps. Hopefully, they help any Young Woman or leader preparing for a lesson; which is my goal.

First, take a look at the lesson outline:

I usually use tactile activities, role-play, worksheets, and videos. I really just want to make the lessons fun to listen to and still easy to learn from. 

To introduce the doctrine, I decided to use this activity from the outline:

"Invite the young women to role-play how they would teach someone not of our faith about the three different members of the Godhead. What scriptures would they use? Why do they feel this knowledge is so important?"

Explain that you will be starting the lesson with a little bit of acting. Pair the Young Women up with other Young Women they wouldn't usually work with or hang out with. Explain their task and give them about three to five minutes, then have each partnership switch roles. This activity will take about 8-15 minutes. 

Now that the doctrine is introduced, hand them a three way Venn Diagram about the Godhead they can fill out as the lesson progresses. It is included in the lesson forum, which is all the way at the bottom of the post.

Next, I used this activity:

"Invite each young woman to read “Godhead” in True to the Faith. Ask one of the young women to share what she learns from her reading. Then ask another young woman to restate what the first young woman said and then share something she learned herself. Repeat until each young woman has had a chance to share. Ask the young women how our view of the Godhead might differ from the views of other religions. How can having an accurate view of the Godhead bless the young women?"

I love this because this way, everyone has to respond to the question! (I know, I'm soooo evil!) There is also virtually no preparation required to complete it. This should take from 10-20 minutes.

The next activity requires some work beforehand (which I think is totally worth it!)

"Write three headings on the board: “There are three members in the Godhead,” “The Godhead is united as one,” and “Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have physical bodies.” Write scripture references about the Godhead (such as those listed in this outline) on small cards. Invite the young women to take turns picking a card, reading the scripture aloud, and writing the reference under the appropriate heading on the board (some of the scriptures may belong under more than one heading). How can knowing these truths about the Godhead bless the young women? Encourage the young women to keep a list of these references in their scriptures so they can use them to teach others about the Godhead."

The scriptures are already copied and pasted into their Google Slideshow, with the link in the lesson forum, so all you need to do is print them out. If you're feeling particularly extra, you can frame them with construction paper (which I did.) For that, you'll need a paper cutter or scissors, a glue stick,  
and the paper to frame them with. I used a palette of baby pink, cyan, and didn't frame the gold colored papers. It was pretty easy and took me about fifteen minutes. In case your meetinghouse doesn't have a good amount of magnets to use, bring tape to put them on the board with. There are twelve cards, and there should be three different colors. (I framed four with baby pink, four with cyan, and four were just standalone. I made them gold because calling their corresponding group the "White Team" would be pretty weird.)

Enough prep! So, next, group the Young Women (and leaders if you want) into three 'teams', pink, blue, and gold. Again, try to mix up the groups. If you didn't print them in color, you could have them separated by classes (Beehives, Mia Maids, and Laurels). The 'game' element and the fact that it is tactile should be a fun way to teach. Let each team come up and pick one of their cards (ex: Blue Team sends a representative from their team to pick a blue card.) Put the headings up on the board ("There are three members of the Godhead", etc) and have each team read the scripture on the card out loud and put it into the board. 

Once all the cards are sorted, look in the lesson outline for the answers (they're at the top.) Then, give them a paper included in the lesson forum. It has "FAQs" like "Is the Godhead Three in One?" and the scriptures corresponding with them. The Young Women can look up at the board and copy down their answers which should be visible once you have completed the activity. This activity should take 15-25 minutes.

If you somehow have time left, wow! Feel free to show a video from the lesson outline to finish it all off.

Hope everyone's lessons go well!
Your's Truly, Molly Mormon 

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