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st. patrick's day quotes

Doctrinally...how does luck stack up? 🤔Learn from & enjoy these festive Latter-Day Saint quotes as you celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day.

1. Not Lucky, Blessed

I love how scripture teaches & clarifies! This one from James is golden. ⭐️

2. Sorry... but again, luck is bogus

Aw, no luck? 🍀 Good thing the Lord is on our side!

3. Love is at the end of the rainbow

I couldn’t resist making a printable of this. The prophetic quote is PERFECT for St. Patrick’s Day! 🤩

4. Yes! Yes! Unity yayyyyyy

Awesome quote. 🌈 “Unity & diversity are not opposites,” Elder Cook added recently.

Such awesome quotes for the holiday! Ready to hand them out or add them to your green decor? The printable link is coming up soon.

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