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valentine's day yw activities


Incorporating holidays is a great way to keep your activities current & fun! These Valentine’s Day themed activities my ward has enjoyed will help your young women celebrate & spread the love.

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1. Heart Attack

Spend about 15 minutes writing encouraging messages on hearts—use doilies or cut out construction paper.✂️ Go surprise someone at their front door & make their day! 🚪

2. Cookies & Cards

Decorate Valentine’s Day cookies at church to deliver to those you deliver to. 👩🏻‍🍳 Then make cards with notes of encouragement. 👩🏻‍🎨

3. Galentine’s Day Party

This can go in any direction you want. My ward had a bagel bar & made heart crafts. 🥯

4. Friendship Dinner

This activity takes a lot of planning but has great results! On one activity night, deliver invitations to people that are lonely/old. 💌 The next activity night, set up the gym with Valentine’s Day decorations. ♥️ Then it’s time for the dinner! For seating, pair youth with the guests for friendshipping & ministering.


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