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5 Easy & Time Saving Young Women Bulletin Board Tips for You

Who here loves putting up new young women bulletin boards? Even when I'm satisfied with the young women bulletin board end result, assembling it can be not only tedious, but time consuming. 🕰🙄

I tried set out to simplify this process as I set up our 2021 Young Women bulletin board! It turned out soooo cute, and we were able to save time putting it up by following these five simple tips.

1. Supercharge productivity with teamwork 

Try This: There is a lot of menial work to do as you prepare for bulletin board setup. Doesn't cutting out elements + stringing together banners sound SO exhilarating? 😆 We can "bear one another's burdens" by sharing the load. 

👉 You’re a hardworking + busy Latter-day Saint leader! Just like the other people in your presidency. So who can help? (Hint: it’s the same people you’re setting this up for…) 👱🏻‍♀️

YW bulletin board setup can be turned into an activity. Listen to the new youth theme music or talk while you work. 🎶 With so many helping hands, it will take a small fraction of what it would for you working solo. 

It Worked for Us: 🙏Total shoutout to my mom, who helped me put this together from her years of experience putting up bulletin boards. My fab sister also joined the team. 🤝

2. Use a low maintenance setup 

Try This: For better or worse, we live in a virtual world. 💻 I know some people like to keep their bulletin boards up to date monthly, and that’s totally cool. 😉 But if you hate updating your bulletin board, why constantly make yourself do it? 

👉Make your bulletin board theme-based & avoid any monthly or seasonal info like lessons, birthdays, or activities. Chances are, you already communicate this information digitally, so, no loss to your group!

It Worked for Us: We spent a Saturday morning setting up, then did some major high fives knowing we wouldn't have to update the bulletin board anytime soon. 🥳 We were able to do this because the kit includes enough assets to fill the bulletin board without needing to add changing info. 

3. Make a battle plan 

Try This: I hate spending hours at the church on bulletin boards and getting so burnt out! 🥵 Save your energy by deciding beforehand how you want to lay out your elements ahead of time. Then, on assembly day, you're just stapling. No guesswork. 😎

It Worked For Us: 🕵🏻‍♀️I called this a "crime scene" because we measured the bulletin board dimensions & then made our own at-home replication where we could shuffle things around until we had our desired result!

4. Use a neutral background

Try This: This step goes into helping your future self—or whoever gets to change the bulletin board next😂—years in advance! 🔮 

No one wants to take down the border and background off of the bulletin board in addition to changing it. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Do your bulletin board a favor & use a nice neutral color that will go with any and every color palette you may use with future themes.🎨 

Ideas include:

Straight-up cork board ✨ 

Brown Kraft paper 🤎

Light grey fabric◽️

or any other neutrals you can find! 

For your border, use another neutrally colored ribbon & you’re good to go for wherever the theme takes you in the next few years! 📅 

5. Delegate its creation to save energy & time

Try This: 🙋🏻‍♀️ Been there, done that, and learned that it takes hours to create an effective & beautiful bulletin board kit. You can spend your time on this process (finding an effective color palette, researching meaningful quotes, choosing fonts & images that are cohesive, creating dozens of assets and unified designs...🥵). 

👉But when you say “yes” to the long process of DIY-ing the bulletin board graphics, what other uses of your time are you saying “no” to?

😎 Get that time back by purchasing this supercute bulletin board kit to save you time and sanity, and excite & teach the young women about the theme this 2021 year!

💛 I hope tips like these help you! Before you leave, I want to make sure you know this is NOT the only resource I have to help you as a busy Latter-day Saint. 📌 Follow me on Pinterest to easily see & save all the helpful resources & freebies I’ve made for you. 😉

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