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april 13 - 19 -- mosiah 1-3 -- filled with love toward God and all men

hey hey! In the midst of a *historic* pandemic, a two-week hiatus from come follow me, spring break, and literally just all the things 😂 I'm not surprised that this slipped my mind, but here it is now: the weekly CFM quote!

It's interesting to think about how exactly we profit by reading the scriptures. If one is tempted to think that it's in a worldly way -- the more righteous and pious you are, the more $ you get 🤑-- just think of the most perfect and righteous One, Jesus, that lived in poverty. So it definitely doesn't mean that you will profit monetarily. Here's a lil clue on the meaning: mosiah 2:41. 😉

Ok and the printables for Mosiah are finally finished! You can get all the printables for the verses we studied right here.

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