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february 10 - 16 -- 2 nephi 6-10 -- o how great the plan of our God!

Another week of Come, Follow Me. Yeah, we may only be 2 books in, but I can already see all the amazing and life changing blessings of regular Book of Mormon study.

Sometimes my favorite, quotable, "letterable" verse from the reading aligns with the curriculum creators' "favorite verse" that the reading, sometimes it doesn't. This time, I *choose* to letter 2 Nephi 10:23.

We are free to choose! It’s a great when we can do whatever we want, be in charge of our own selves. But then it gets tough when people use their agency to make choices that don’t perfectly align with our perfect plans on How Things Should Go.
Part of life is realizing that we aren’t all powerful, and we can’t control others’ choices. Of course we can influence them, but their agency belongs to them. As we respect this we see how God respects agency as well.
And that’s a message of this verse. Cheer up! Make a decision. You are free to choose.
Check out the Church's Book of Mormon video covering this topic below!

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