we can go & do it!

hey hey my friends!! It's August -- again, and so the church has released next year's mutual theme -- again, and oh, I'm so excited to share it with y'all!!

Whether you're an average human or sweet lil nerd like I am, hopefully, you have heard of Rosie the Riveter.

As I learned that the theme was "Go and Do," I was brainstorming aesthetics and ideas with one of my biggest partners in crime and suddenly one of us thought of the idea to incorporate the simply famous "We Can Do It" poster.

I've seen it used everywhere from Bright Idea Posters (the Friend equivalent of Mormonads, its famous cousin) to political campaigns - I mean, the question is who doesn't love this hardworking girl?

The rest is history. Ugh, I am just so excited to put this out there, and even more excited to rework the design to go with the 2020 theme. 

Tbh, I'm mostly just sitting on the edge of my seat just like the rest of y'all to see what we're even going to be doing next year! Once we find out some more details, I'll be able to know what leaders will need to plan for and will be able to release helpful and cute resources.

Get the printable for free here - but wait, don't close the tab just yet!

I'm absolutely going to be sharing more resources to go with the 2020 theme - bulletin board kits, binder inserts, special event kit offerings, and even more designs to go with it as time goes on. To stay up to date with everything happening on the blog and learn of new freebies, be sure to give my Pinterest account a follow. 

If you love this design, please share it with just 1 other yw leader you know! 

That's all folks. Stay tuned for some more 2020 designs!!

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