Coco/Family History Themed Activity Day

While I know that this site has been predominantly Young Womens for awhile, it's looking like things might change. 

After being inspired by a few articles online connecting Family History and the Disney Pixar movie Coco, I had the inspiration to create this fun bundle your whole group will enjoy! The amazing movie which this is based on has rich, vibrant displays and colors and honors Mexico's culture, family, and music. I thought, what better Activity Day night than watching it with your girls? This bundle includes...

-4 Cupcake Toppers
-3 Interactive Worksheets, which will help the girls complete Learning and Gospel #8
-4 Water Bottle Wrappers
-1 Invite for Girls, Their Friends, Families, Less-Active Girls, etc

You can get this fun product for only $3 at my Etsy shop!

Once you download the files, you're good to go! The movie's running time is 1 h 49 m, so this may be better as an Activity starting early, an Activity on a weekend, or a Stake Activity Days Activity. You can even adapt it to a Young Women's activity. For treats, bake chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with orange, yellow, pink and blue frosting. Put the wrappers on the bottles, print out the worksheets, and you have a fun activity requiring little to no preparation. 

While I'm a teenager now, I still have great memories of Activity Days and I'm confident that your AD Girls will love it too. 

Good luck with your activity!

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Yours Truly,
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